Bytetorrent: a P2P file swarming application

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Where can I find Torrents?
Find torrent files like you would any other link on the net. There are many sites that host trackers and files, but none of them are going to be linked from here

Where is the search engine?
See above. Bittorrent based programs (ie Bytetorrent) are NOT Peer 2 Peer file sharing application like Napster or Kazaa.

Can I stop uploading?

No. Even if you could, doing so would defeat the purpose of the program.

  1. No - Your download rate is directly proportional to your upload rate. Slower upload speeds mean slower download speeds for you.
  2. No - The protocol relies on many people sharing the same file. If there is only one seeder (or host), there is little advantage over normal HTTP downloads. When many people share the same file, it is downloaded from multiple sources, saving bandwidth for everyone.

Where's the option to close the torrent when it finishes downloading
There isn't one, and there won't be one. See above.

Bramp told me to tone down the copyright message. Apparently it's not nice to suggest the things that were previously suggested, so I would like to make it clear that Bytetorrent did in no way do any of the things that were previously implied or suggested here. These were lies used as a humourous device seeing as nobody reads small print anyway. But, in case someone is reading this, Bittorrent is really good, and there's a copyright message included at the top of each source file and probably included in each package too. Read that, and obey! Hopefully people will one day say "Hey, aren't you one of the guys who made Bytetorrent" instead of their usual "Aren't you the guy who made Lusernet?" thing. It gets so tiresome. I mean, it said on the about page that it was by a team of people, yet they only know one guy. True, he did do 90% of the work, but this isn't the point. There's no Bramp in team, guys. Seriously.

ByteTorrent - The name, the program and all associated websites/images/content (and/or merchandise) are Copyright 2003 The ByteTorrent Team. Don't be naughty now.